• Tertiary Program

    With 15-years experience of holding E-Challenge, YDC commenced Dare to Change Business Pitch Competition on 2016. It is a 5-minute stand-up pitch competition which takes students away from their comfort zone and offers them the opportunity to get inspired for their innovative ideas and potential entrepreneurial spirit. Students are required to conduct a five-minute pitch of their business ideas in front of seasoned executives. They get instant feedback, and top performers receive mentorship to the final round, other professional advice and referral to regional competitions.

  • Secondary Program

    YDC organizes a range of programs to facilitate multiple pathways, career and life planning, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills and creativity among secondary school students. We promote “InnoMind®” to encourage students to dream and present their own ideas. Students can reflect their own abilities and prepare themselves for future goals through different program activities.

  • Primary Program

    Rather than just targeting at secondary school students, YDC is of the view that our target groups could be extended to primary school level. We see a need for the students’ mindset to be activated at a younger age, and will hence include also upper primary school students as our program participants.

    Primary school students could benefit from introduction to Career and Life Planning (CLP) in many respects, and should be actively exposed to their communities and community members. Moreover, the core idea of STEM education should start early and made accessible to younger students. We believe that the YDC SCP Program – JC InnoMind® can serve as a gateway to bridge the gap between primary students and society. We concur that our youth should have early notion for inquisitiveness. When introducing the CLP Program with STEM essence to primary school students, we will ensure that the program content will be appropriate for this younger audience.

    To solicit views and opinions from important stakeholders, we host a focus group on this primary project. Interested school principals and teachers joined us in discussion of the needs of primary students and the obstacles currently faced by schools.

  • Young Employee

    Many youngsters who have finished school and started working are busily engaged in their work, they may not be able to pause for a moment to think about their career prospects and future, and they generally lack channels for seeking guidance and encouragement. There is a need for an open platform to foster positive communication among stakeholders, mainly young employees, veteran employees and employers.

    The communication platform is not for the experienced to teach the young how to be a good employee but for those young employees to address their need, and inspire them to work with dedication and achieve their career and life goals. The platform will also be beneficial to employers and veteran employees as they will be able to understand the young generation more, establish rapport with them, and witness their increased loyalty and productivity. Eventually, the platform will be a positive and constructive force in the society.

    It is important for us to understand the need and preference from the users’ point of view. Therefore, we have organized two discussion forums to gather seasoned officers and young employees and receive their feedback. Based on feedback from company representatives, YDC has adjusted the platform and hopefully the platform will bring a sense of harmony to the Hong Kong society.

  • Parent

    YDC always values the role of parents in children’s development as parents are the lifelong supporter and enlightener to children’s growth and life planning. During the process of exploration, children may face different problems and pressures, and may come out with the ideas that are contradictory with their parents’ thoughts. Conflicts may happen if there is a lack of mutual understanding. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to know their children’s needs and strengthen their communication. We also encourage parents to walk with their children and plan for the future together.

    Moreover, parents should cultivate their children with correct learning attitudes and values from an early age. In order to better prepare children to face rapid changes in the world, it is important to train them to learn independently, think creatively and solve problems. Parents can share their own experiences with their children, listen to their thoughts and provide guidance when necessary.

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