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YDC seeks to actively involve parents in carving children’s life planning and share our own experiences and insights through parenting workshops and our programs over the years. Parents are encouraged to put themselves in their children’s shoes, understand their dreams and nurture them to achieve goals and practice their responsibilities at home and school. We also exchange ideas and opinions with parents and teachers to explore the growth of students together.


  • 01Higher score = Better future?

    The society is keep transforming. You may easily get into troubles if you do not know how to deal with people and face challenges. This talk explores how children can adapt to a changing society.

  • 02Working is Hard, Good Parenting is even Harder. What are the difficulties?

    Parents hope that their children will open their hearts and communicate honestly with each other, but this is not an easy task. This talk shares some of our experiences of communications with your children.

  • 03Love for Children - Spoiled or Planted?

    It is not ideal that parents cater all the needs that their children want. This talk gives some insights on how parents identify the needs and expectations that are suitable to their children.

  • 04A Future yet to come?

    Parents hope that their children have a happy future. But how should the future of children be planned? What kind of future will make children happy? After this talk, parents and children are encouraged to take the first step in planning for the future.

  • 05Ideal, You Deal?

    Confess with parents that the ideals you want are not necessarily consistent with your children’s one. We share our experiences and learn from each other on how to encourage children to pursue their goals.

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