YDC School-Company-Parent Program – Jockey Club InnoMind®: Primary Porgram

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With the experience we gained from the previous years, we are inspired to nurture the new generation’s positive values and encourage their holistic development in early years. The Primary Program is thus launched this year to provide platforms for the development of youngsters.

The program targets on primary four to primary six students. Through the step-by-step workshops and sharing of Company Ambassadors, students will experience “Self Exploration”, “Dream Reaching” and “Caring for Others and the Society”. Their confidence, self-reliance and empathy could then be improved.


  • 01Student Workshops

    • Workshop1: The Glowing Me
      Students learn to appreciate their uniqueness and not to compare with others.
      • Workshop 1
        Workshop2: My Life Roadmap
        Students learn to get well prepared in an early stage in order to catch their dream.
      • Workshop 2
        Workshop3: Help Others to Earn
        Students learn to care for others and contribute to the society with their creativity.
  • 02Closing Ceremony

    It is an annual joyful event to celebrate the achievements of all participants and show our appreciation to the support and effort from Company Ambassadors, principals, teachers and students. Students can also have the opportunity to be an organizing committee and Master of Ceremony.


  • Primary Program Pioneer Award 2018-19
  • Well Born Real Estate Management Ltd.
  • Po On Commercial Association Wan Ho Kan Primary School