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Mind Way My Way® Excellerate Program

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In support of the Government’s policy initiative in promoting Career and Life Planning (CLP), YDC launches Mind Way My Way® Excellerate Planning (MWEP) Program partnering schools, parents, Career Masters and the business sector for empowering secondary school students on CLP. We hope to devise best practices in conducting CLP education and support them in building up their own resources in enhancing future sustainability.

Funded by the Home Affairs Bureau from the HKSAR Government, MWEP Pro-gram is a three-year polished version of the Mind Way My Way®Life Planning Program held in 2019-2022. The program encompassed a new perspective in that students were inspired on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), and participated in visits to major infrastructure and engineering firms. In addition, a tailor-made activity plan was co-developed in conjunction with each of the partnering schools.

The program emphasized a core “CALL” spirit, i.e., enhancement of the students’ problem-solving ability in face of challenges while nurturing their creativity and the ability to think critically, analytically and logically. The most important aim was to inspire their love for life.


  • 01Train the Trainer Session

    To prepare teachers and Company Ambassadors well on their respective role to facilitate collaboration on every activity. Past teachers and Company Ambassadors will also contribute ideas and suggestions based on their prior experience in the program.

  • 02MWEP Student Workshops (Junior and Senior)

    3 - 5 workshops are conducted by Company Ambassadors to lead students to understand CLP and explore the world, to figure out their interests and strengths for actualizing their dreams and ideal blueprints.

  • 03MWEP Student Talks

    Students can learn the essential role of STEAM in solving different needs in everyday life and how it leads a rapid growth in modern society through demonstrations of live examples by special guests.

  • 04STEAM Adventures

    Students can learn basic APP coding techniques and the latest STEAM trends from professional tutors. Students will also be inspired by how STEAM knowledge can help with their everyday life.

  • 05STEMpire

    In collaboration with various leading construction and engineering enterprises, students get to learn applying knowledge and experience in everyday life through company visits and sharing by seasoned staff.

  • 06Closing Ceremony

    All students, teachers and Company Ambassadors will be invited to gather together, celebrate each and every achievement and growth.

  • 07Movie Appreciation Day – Think Out of the Box

    Through watching inspirational movies, we wish to promote positive messages that inspire young people's passion and cultivate their insights for life.


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